About Us

What we do

Introducing a luxury feel to the hot sauce World encouraging mastery in the craftsmanship and presentation of hot sauce. Craft products are a great way to bring people together. Through HustleSauce we want to create an experience that allows people to connect and bond over sauce we all enjoy.

Why we do it

As a Young Man I have Always had the entrepreneurial spirit. The framework of being a lifelong employee always seemed inequitable and lacking meaning. Having that mindset leads me to a place where working as an employee doing meaningless work is torture to my soul. I have an insatiable need to find deep meaning in the things that I do. From a young age I knew it would be difficult, but I also know that I would have no choice but to carve out my own way. From small hustle to small hustle, HustleSauce is the culmination and collection of my life experiences. My vision for HustleSauce is to express these experiences as art, through sauce to be shared with the world.