Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce
Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack (Pre-Sale) - HustleSauce

Whisky Habanero Limited Release Pack


Indulge in the Exqusite

Your premier chance to step into a world of exquisite flavors. This carefully curated collection starts with the star of our pre-sale, the Barrel Aged Whisky Habanero Hot Sauce, available in its first stage of release – a rare opportunity to indulge in its limited-edition richness. Accompanying this exclusive sauce are two of our beloved classics: the vibrant Banana Guava Hot Sauce and the robust Original HustleSauce, each adding their unique flair to your culinary repertoire.

Included in the pack

Barrel Aged Whisky Habanero Hot Sauce (Limited Release) - Regular Price: $39.99
Banana Guava Hot Sauce - Regular Price: $16.99
Original HustleSauce - Regular Price: $16.99

Exclusive Offer

Indulge in this exclusive offer. Available only twice a year when our Barrel Aged Whisky Habanero has completed its 6 month aging process.  It is made in small batch limited quanities. Reserve yours now.

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"Unlock Culinary Mastery with any purchase: Receive our exclusive recipe and sauce pairing eBook with your HustleSauce order. This specially curated guide is filled with innovative recipes and expert pairings to elevate your meals. Transform your culinary experiences with HustleSauce and this unique eBook, a gift to inspire and enhance every dish. Order now and embark on a flavor-filled journey, exclusive to our HustleSauce community.

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Barrel Aged Whisky Habanero
(Made With Real Whisky)

Limited Edition Barrel Aged Mastery: Experience the rare and exquisite Half-Year Barrel Aged Whisky Habanero Hot Sauce, a blend of seven unique peppers and spices aged to perfection. Secure your bottle in our signature black box for a journey of smoky, complex flavors.
A Symphony of Flavors in Every Drop 
Savor the depth of whisky, the zest of habanero, and delicate barrel notes of vanilla, roasted nuts, and caramel. Transform every meal into a gourmet experience with this sophisticated sauce.
Unleash the Power of Flavor: Meats, Burgers, Tacos, and More. Discover the perfect pairing for grilled meats, fried fish, hearty stews, burgers, tacos, pizzas and more with our Half-Year Barrel Aged Whisky Habanero Hot Sauce. Elevate your favorite dishes with a rich, smoky depth and an explosion of complex flavors, turning every meal into an extraordinary culinary experience.

Banana Guava
(Made with Real Banana's)

Flavor Profile: Dive into the intricate flavors of our Banana Guava Hot Sauce. Grounded in the robust essence of habanero peppers, this sauce offers a rich, aromatic foundation. Sweet bananas and a hint of guava layer in a tropical touch, perfectly balancing the heat with delicate fruity notes for a complex yet refined taste.
Heat Level: Rated medium, our sauce delivers a gentle warmth that enhances rather than dominates, allowing the tropical flavors to stand out.
Quality Ingredients: Made with only the finest natural ingredients, including fresh bananas, guava, and select chilies, ensuring each bottle is packed with quality and flavor. 
Perfect Pairings: Ideal for elevating a variety of dishes, from grilled chicken and seafood to salad dressings and breakfast smoothies. This sauce adds a gourmet touch to any meal, blending heat with sweet tropical notes for an unforgettable flavor experience.

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Original HustleSauce

Flavor Profile: The Original HustleSauce is a masterful blend of ripe peppers, creating a taste that's both robust and nuanced. At its heart lies the vibrant, earthy yet floral flavor of Habanero peppers, offering a depth that is both intense and inviting. Perfectly balanced with a hint of garlic and a subtle touch of sweetness, delivering a complex and intense flavor that complements a variety of dishes.
Heat Level: Crafted for those who appreciate a noticeable kick without overwhelming heat, this sauce sits comfortably in the upper medium range of heat. It's designed to enhance your meals with a warm, palatable spice that awakens your taste buds without overpowering them.
Quality Ingredients: Our commitment to quality is evident in every bottle of Original HustleSauce. This sauce is not just about heat; it's about delivering a premium taste experience that's rooted in authenticity and simplicity.
Perfect Pairings: The Original HustleSauce is as versatile as it is flavorful. It's the perfect companion for your grilled meats, adding a smoky depth to your barbecues. Drizzle it over tacos or burritos to elevate your Mexican dishes, or add it to soups and stews for an extra layer of flavor. It's also an excellent choice for spicing up your breakfast eggs or avocado toast.

A Symphony of Flavors: Embark on a Flavor Journey

Step into a vibrant panorama of tastes with our Whiskey Habanero Limited Release 3-Pack. Venture through the smoky depths of barrel-aged Whiskey Habanero, surf the tropical waves of Banana Guava, and anchor in the timeless appeal of the Original HustleSauce. This trio paints a bold spectrum on your culinary canvas, transforming mundane meals into an exhilarating mosaic of flavors. Dare to explore this adventure, where each sauce is a doorway to an uncharted realm of taste


 Savor the Limited Release
Each batch is a limited run. While we savor the anticipation, remember that this exclusive edition is available in select quantities. It’s a celebration of patience and craftsmanship, available only until this batch runs out. Reserve Your Exclusive Taste We invite you to reserve your bottle of this limited-edition Whisky Habanero. Be part of a select group who appreciates the art of a well-crafted sauce.