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Banana Guava Hot Sauce

Banana Guava Hot Sauce

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Made With Real Banana's

Flavor Profile: Experience the complexity and nuance of our Banana Guava Hot Sauce, where habaneros are not just a source of heat but the foundation of its rich flavor. The habanero peppers provide a deep, aromatic base that is both assertive and refined, setting the stage for a symphony of tastes. Layered on this base are the mellow and sweet nuances of ripe bananas, which intertwine seamlessly with the habaneros, softening their intensity. The subtle hint of guava adds a final touch of tropical flair, enhancing the overall complexity. This sauce is a testament to balance and sophistication, offering a unique blend where heat meets sweet, and boldness meets subtlety.

Heat Level: We've carefully balanced the heat to ensure it complements rather than overpowers the tropical flavors. Rated as a medium on the heat scale, this sauce provides a warm, pleasant glow that allows the fruity flavors to shine through, making it perfect for both heat enthusiasts and those new to the world of hot sauces.

Quality Ingredients: At HustleSauce, we believe in the power of natural goodness. Our Banana Guava Hot Sauce is crafted with the finest ingredients, including fresh bananas, guava, and a blend of select chilies. 

Perfect Pairings: Transform your meals into gourmet experiences. This sauce is a versatile companion to a wide array of dishes. Drizzle it over grilled chicken for a tropical twist, add a dollop to your seafood dishes for an oceanic escapade, or mix it into your salad dressings for an unexpected flavor kick. It's also a surprising yet delightful addition to your breakfast smoothies or yogurt bowls.

Ingredients: Habanero, Yellow Bell Pepper, Banana, White Wine Vinegar, Guava Juice, Cubanelle Pepper, Poblano Pepper, Lemon, Lime, Spices, Butter, Xanthan gum

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